MMOA Featured in Anchorage Press

I met the lovely Kayce James a couple of years ago when she plopped down in a bench at the Smoke Shack in Seward where my friends and I were having breakfast. They knew her, and introduced me, but I didn’t get the connection until later when I later saw Mr. December (my friend Ian Ryerson) in the 2016 Mountain Men of Alaska calendar, a collection of scantily clad, homegrown hunks. I instantly loved the idea, and so does most everyone else I’ve learned, because she’s now sold several thousand calendars that have ended up as far away as New Zealand and Sweden. Her photos are creative and funny; featuring badass Alaskan men of all shapes and sizes engaged in activities that range from gold-panning, dog-sledding, ice-skating, mountain-running, beach-frolicking and horseback riding to piloting and everything in between.

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